Yalikavak (Merkez)

Port Bordum Yalikavak Marina
t: +90 252 385 33 79
f: +90 252 385 36 79


Sanayi sitesi No: 12 Bodrum
t: +90 252 316 88 79
f: +90 252 313 20 84


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Tuncar Marine has over 20 years of marine engine service and repair experience. The firm's owner and master mechanic, Musa Tuncar, started mastering his trade under extremely adverse conditions when Turkey tightly controlled all imports, including marine engines and spare parts.

Keeping engines running reliably under those circumstances required great ingenuity. Engines had to be maintained with the virtually no diagnostic equipment and malfunctions were analyzed relying heavily on highly developed human senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and even taste. Being able to determine the condition of an engine by the feel and/or taste of engine oil remains a mark of an experienced mechanic's craft.

So Musa Tuncar was initiated into a select circle of competent practitioners of the mechanic's trade in an environment which required resourcefulness, flexibility, the ability to improvise, modify or manufacture parts required, but most of all it called for dedication.

Musa Tuncar gained these attributes and successfully instilled them in his staff. With time, when Turkish import regulations were relaxed and Turkey joined the European Customs Union, it became possible to import the type of state-of-the-art equipment necessary to provide thoroughly modern diagnostic, maintenance and repair services. To provide his customers with ever-better service, Musa Tuncar invested in a whole range of equipment and tools transforming his operation into a technologically advanced enterprise.

As TUNCAR MARINE, we are giving service with our over 20 years marine engine repair experience. We are at your service with experienced staffs and all kind of equipments what ever you need us.

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